Product Familiarisation Program (PFP) guides global strategy


To ensure quality use of medicines in Australia, a Product Familiarisation Program (PFP) was undertaken by our client to provide prescribers with a chance to become familiar with and evaluate a new product. Over 1,000 healthcare professionals enrolled more than 3,000 patients in this PFP; one of the first of its kind in the world.


To provide our client and its global headquarters with insights into the use and impact of this PFP; and guide not only future marketing and sales strategies and tactics in Australia, but critically, to also inform the design of other PFPs for this product in other launch countries.


So What? designed an analytics framework to deliver the required level of healthcare professional (HCP) and patient insight into the use and impact of this PFP, and worked collaboratively with our client to generate these insights from the vast amount of data held on PFP participants.

Improved Insights

Our report, which was distributed globally, presented clear and valuable insights on the patient journey, the HCP journey and the factors that influenced and did not influence subsequent script uptake. The improved insights from this Data Analytics project helped refine and refocus sales calls; guided the design of overseas’ PFPs, and most importantly informed the re-design of specific (expensive) components of the local accompanying Patient Support Program.