Case Study

A new product? An in-depth perspective.


The Situation

Our client carried out a product familiarisation program (PFP) , to ensure a Quality Use of Medicines in Australia and to give prescribers the chance to get to know their new product. Over 1,000 healthcare professionals enrolled more than 3,000 patients, making this the first PFP of its kind in the world.

The Task

Our mission? To provide the client with insights into the PFP's use and impact. To not only inform future marketing and sales strategies here in Australia, but to inform how other PFPs would be designed in other launch countries.

The Action

We designed an analytics framework to capture key information about the program. This included collaborating with our client and their other agencies to generate insights from a huge amount of PFP participant data.

The Answers

Our report presented clear, considered insights around the patient journey, the HCP journey and the factors that influenced script uptake. The report was distributed globally to help refocus sales calls and design other PFPs. Most importantly, though, it led to the re-design of some of the more costly components of the local Patient Support Program.