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Get to know our passionate team of researchers, who thrive on finding valuable insights for clients and steer answers into action.

Gerry Guinan

Founder & Managing Director

Most likely to say: "Let's brainstorm this question together"

As one of the leading healthcare market researchers in Australia, Gerry provides highly-valued strategic guidance to help drive clients’ current and future business growth. He has a background in competitive intelligence and his finger on the pulse of healthcare marketing innovations.

Saskia Koller

Head of Quantitative Research

Most likely to say: “It’s OK, we’ve got this.”                        

Saskia oversees and directs the flow of all our quantitative projects to the highest standard of evidence-based insights. She holds a doctorate in psychology and over a decade of healthcare research experience. Saskia excels at going the extra mile for clients, and her enduring client relationships are a testament to the value she brings.

Marcus Tan

Research Director

Most likely to say: "My analysis has uncovered some great insights."

Marcus is our go-to person for all things qualitative, with a knack for shaping our methodologies to fit with digital channels and delivering insights that are highly visually impactful. He has worked in both Asia and Australia, has a real passion for healthcare research and thrives on in-depth inquiry across a wide range of therapy areas.

Leanne D’Aguiar

Research Consultant

Most likely to say: “I have a motivational quote about that."

Leanne is to quantitative projects what oil is to an engine, keeping them running smoothly and consistently. She collaborates with all of our Research Directors to help with questionnaire design, data cleaning and report preparation. Leanne is also our resident motivator, a quote always on hand to kickstart our day.

Yohan Kulupana

Senior Research Manager

Most likely to say: “No worries, I can probably figure that out."

After training as an accountant, Yohan has been putting his critical thinking and detail-orientated skills to good use ever since he first joined the team over five years ago. Starting as an intern, Yohan has skyrocketed to become an excellent research manager, handling complex projects with ease and a wry sense of humour.

Juan Torres

Programmer/Data Analyst

Most likely to say: “Have we checked all the data accurately?”

Our resident software guru, Juan is at the hub of our data analytics and IT systems. His keen eye for detail and questioning mind ensures our surveys are intuitive enough for respondents to complete with ease but powerful enough to provide advanced statistical analysis for our robust, actionable insights.

Amelia Chichester

Research Manager

Most likely to say: “Can I help you with that?”

With a Masters in Public Health and several years of mathematics tutoring under her belt, Amelia could be called the warm-hearted scientist amongst us. She came to So What? with both qualitative and quantitative research skills and is an aspiring dualist, combining her scientific rigour with a natural communicative style.

Ricardo Maldonado

Accredited Statistician

Most likely to say: “This model actually works very well.”

Ricardo has over 25 years of experience in statistical consulting, biostatistics and marketing analytics. He’s been the brains behind So What?’s modelling and state-of-the-science techniques since we first opened our doors in 2008.

Jennifer Kensey

Research Coordinator

Most likely to say: “I’m so happy, Dr X has agreed to be interviewed!”

Jennifer has a knack of helping us complete our recruitment sample, no matter how large or complex the screening requirements. We all rely on her for finding those extra recruits - just when we think we’re out of time and/or luck.

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