How long will fieldwork take?


Fieldwork is the most unpredictable and least controllable part of any market research project but, after completing 700+ research projects, we have confident insights into what can help fieldwork complete quickly, and what can put pressure on timelines. We always provide a project timeframe for our clients, with the following 5 key areas in mind:

1.     Respondent type – we have worked in enough therapy areas (over 100!) to know which type of healthcare professionals are easy vs difficult to recruit

2.     Screening criteria – the stricter the criteria we need to adhere to, the harder it is to recruit suitable respondents

3.     Respondent fatigue – running too much market research with the same specialty, or on the same topic, can lead to respondents declining an invitation to participate. We do our best to stagger our own projects to minimise this risk

4.     Conferences & events – we stay abreast of international & national conferences, as a big event can mean a huge proportion of specialists are unavailable for market research. This particularly impacts qualitative research.

5.     Honoraria fee – paying respondents the appropriate amount for their participation is a must, especially in healthcare

We are proud of our commitment to adhering to timelines we promise our clients when they first commission a project. We believe in being transparent about how long fieldwork will take, and our weekly updates to clients ensure they stay on top of our progress. We are also very fortunate to have a dedicated in-house recruitment team who works enthusiastically and tirelessly to meet fieldwork quotas!

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