Case Study

What drives patient behaviour? We understand.


The Situation

Our client wanted to understand why patients take steps to improve their health and wellbeing. By uncovering this, they'd have a better idea of when and how to connect with people, to help them on that health improvement journey.

The Task

Twenty (20) patients living with a chronic health condition were asked to fill in a diary that uncovered thoughts, feelings and attitudes about their health issues over a one-week period. We then conducted an ethnographic-style interview with each patient.

The Action

After in-depth analysis of the interviews, we built a Motivation Model to show intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors that impact patients’ ‘tipping point’ for taking personal action towards their health goals.

The Answers

Our model helped our client gain a deeper understanding of how they could inspire patients to take action. They could better define the most influential touchpoints, while delivering more targeted communications to patient segments.