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Who we are

We’re a boutique market research and brand planning consultancy dedicated to healthcare.

Our mission is to apply our market research and brand planning skills to connect clients’ healthcare brands with the people who need them most.

Healthcare Research Experts

Since 2009, we have conducted over 500 projects for more than 100 healthcare brands, each customised to the needs of the client. Our success comes because we not only love what we do, we understand our clients' brands and businesses better than most.

Added Value of a Multidisciplinary Team

We're a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in qualitative and quantitative research, statistics, behaviour change, marketing, psychology, desk research and management consulting. As such, we add enormous value and time-saving on projects that require the integration of different research approaches.

So What? Factor

More than just our name, our point of difference is that we apply the 'so what' to each stage of the research process. So what... business issue do you want to solve? So what... methodologies shall we utilise to uncover the truth?  So what... are the implications of the research for your brand?

Power of Collaboration

We know that problems are best solved together. Collaboration with clients is a hallmark of our approach and key to our long-lasting client relationships.

Insights into Action

Marketing and brand managers are constantly under pressure to do more with less. Because we have a genuine understanding of our clients’ businesses, we make recommendations that are clear and easy to implement. That gives you the time and confidence to convert insight to action.

Needs-Based Innovation

We're not an agency that is distracted by the latest trend. Whilst we believe in innovation and the evolution of market research methods, our priority is to deliver impactful insights that make a real difference to our clients’ brands using a mix of proven and new techniques.

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